Database of the Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) at the Zoological Gardens of the World
The latest News about the Asian Elephants at the Zoological Gardens of the World
 02.04.2014 The Parc Le Pal welcomed the birth of the male elephant calf Tom on March 19, 2014
 01.04.2014 Ilona has been euthanised at the Zoologischer Garten Karlsruhe on March 31, 2014
 23.03.2014 Birth of a female elephant calf, mother Califa, at the Zoo Hannover on March 17, 2014
 05.02.2014 Vishesh gave birth to her second calf at the Ostrava Zoo on February 4, 2014
 29.10.2013 Jubilee : Birth of the 25th elephant calf at the Zool. Garten Hannover on October 27, 2013
 02.10.2013 Bala has been moved to the Zoo Liberec in the Czech Rep. on October 2, 2013
 01.10.2013 Taruca passed away at the Zoologico de Cordoba in Argentina on September 26, 2013
 31.08.2013 Jenny, aged 53, died after suffering a heart attack at the Belfast Zoo on August 23, 2013
The recent Elephant births at the Zoos in Europe and North America
 17.06.2014 Zoo Zürich : unnamed
 16.05.2014 Dierenpark Emmen : Radza jr
 19.03.2014 Parc Le Pal Dompierre : Tom
 17.03.2014 Zoo Hannover : Yumi
 04.03.2014 Twycross Zoo : unnamed
 07.02.2014 Houston Zoo : Duncan
 04.02.2014 Ostrava Zoo : unnamed
Elephants in the Wild
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 14.07.2014  New photos (Photo 13 - 20) of the Kanazawa Zoo in Yokohama added
 13.04.2014  Photo page of the Nasu World Monkey Park in Japan added
 07.03.2014  New photos (Photo 19 - 24) of the Ichihara Elephant Kingdom added
 15.02.2014  New photos (Photo 05 - 16) of the Longleat Safari Park added
 01.02.2014  New photos (Photo 33 - 38) of the Woodland Park Zoo Seattle added
 23.01.2014  New photos (Photo 43 - 46) of the Zoologická zahrada Liberec added
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